About Us

Richard began his studies in the field of marketing. While doing so, he held various positions in marketing, which allowed him the opportunity to expand, develop, and sell small businesses. For many of these prosperous years, Richard worked as a freelancer, building up companies with the use of his expert skills in market strategy and his extensive knowledge of web pro- gramming and development. He was able to effectively utilize his talents in software suites such as PHP, Python, Javascript, CSS3, HTML, Bootstrap Magento, Jquery, MySql, Angular js, Ajax, and NodeJS.

His skills in operating these suites allowed him to efficiently bring about the results his clients desired, and this paved the way for him to help businesses as they grow in size, reach, and profit. Here, it is his goal to simplify his client's work as he generates a successful source of revenue for their chosen niche. To accomplish this, he utilizes years of dedication, focus, and drive in creating customized software and platforms that are rich with functionality and purpose. Richard works tirelessly to guide and man- age businesses in generating new income, surpassing their competition, and above all, meeting each and every one of their goals.

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